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BurrowX Gopher system

So, you’ve worked hard on keeping your landscape beautiful over the years. Let us help you to keep it looking nice. Greenbelt Services uses the Gopher X system to control gopher populations. It is important to know that the Gopher control is safe, simple and effective.

After you call GreenBelt services, we will start by inspecting the gopher, mole or vole infestation on your property and then create the proper plan of attack to eliminate your problem. In most cases, we can eliminate your infestation with one to three services depending on the severity and length of the infestation.

Gopher mounds on a lawn

Question? Do you know that multiple species of pocket gophers are found living in Idaho?Depending on the species, they are 6 to 10 inches long including the short tail. Gophers typically remain underground in their burrow system, although you’ll sometimes see them feeding at the edge of an open burrow, pushing dirt out of a burrow, or moving to a new area. Also, we at GreenBelt Services understand with all of our experience over the last 20 years, that gopher control can be difficult in many cases because many homeowners. Letting a problem develop for an extended period of time before trying to eliminate the population.

Gopher and Mole Identification

Mounds of fresh soil are the best sign of a gopher’s presence. Gophers form mounds as they dig tunnels and push the loose dirt to the surface. Over the years, GreenBelt Services has noted that mounds are crescent or horseshoe shaped when viewed from above. Gopher holes, which are off to one side of the mound, are usually plugged. Proper gopher control will require the knowledge of the underground tunnel systems.

So, are you sure you have a gopher infestation? In many cases it is not gophers, but it’s moles. Mole mounds, in many cases, can be mistaken for gopher mounds. Mole mounds, however, are more circular and have a plug in the middle that might not be distinct; in profile they are volcano shaped. With all of our experience over the years we have learned that in many cases it takes a professional to identify the infestation to determine the type of pest a homeowner is dealing with for proper gopher control because unlike gophers, moles commonly make feeding burrows just beneath the surface, leaving a raised ridge to mark their path, in addition to building deeper “main” burrows. A GreenBelt Services tech will be able to identify an eliminate the infestation for you.

For the inexperienced eye, it is important to know that one gopher can create several mounds in a day. Over the years, we have noted that in non-irrigated areas, mound building is most pronounced during winter or spring when the soil is moist and easy to dig. In other irrigated locations such as lawns, flower beds, and gardens, digging conditions are usually optimal year-round, and mounds can appear at any time. In some snowy Idaho regions, gophers create burrows in the snow, resulting in long, earthen cores on the surface when the snow melts.

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